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Encampment 2020

Mountain Eagle VIII in Hanger 9 at Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID - 27 July 2018



Mountain Eagle 2020

Dear Cadets, Staff, and Parents:

I made a promise on April 28th that if there was any way to move forward with encampment we were going to make it happen. I also hoped to have all of the answers to many questions answered before June 1st. As we are now on the 5th of June with so many questions unanswered, it is with deep regret that I must inform you that Mountain Eagle 2020 will not be moving forward this summer. 
We did not come to this decision lightly. We made every effort to make this encampment a reality; however, factors beyond our control and too many unknowns kept moving the goal post further and further. “Safety First” is not just a motto in CAP - it is also an action. We believe that we have created a well orchestrated plan, but the clock did not stop for COVID-19.   
I want to thank the Cadet Staff who went above and beyond and worked extremely hard to organize a top notch cadre. They faced challenges far above a normal encampment and came up with novel solutions to extreme situations. 
In addition, I want to thank the Senior Member Staff who were always available to share their expertise and knowledge. Many gave up their weekends and many weeknights to make encampment happen. Your leadership set the bar and I cannot thank you enough. 
This is truly a disappointment for us all. 

Lt Col Ryan J. Navin
Mountain Eagle 2020 Commander

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