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Wing Staff

If you are interested in applying for a Vacant position, please contact the Wing Commander. 


Wing Commander: Col. Robin Vest
Vice Commander: Maj. Kirk Dehn
Chief of Staff: Maj. Kirk Dehn


Command NCO: TSgt Gerald Martin
Legal Officer: Col. Celeste Gamache
Inspector General: 1st Lt Joyce Fernando
Assistant Inspector General: 2d Lt Steve Dunkin
Health Services Officer: Lt. Col. Nicholas Vietri

Wing Chaplain: Capt Bret Moser
Government Relations Advisor: Col. Warren Vest
Director of Safety: Lt. Col. Sarah Lynch 
Diversity Officer: Lt. Col. Sarah Lynch 


Director of Aerospace Education: Vacant


Director of Cadet Programs: Maj. Scott Heins


Director of Logistics: Capt. Yolanda Statham
Transportation Officer: Capt. Gayland Edwards


Director of Communications: Maj. Eric Freeman
Communications Training Officer: Capt. Marlene Moore


Director of Operations: Lt. Col. Scott Fisher
Assistant Director of Operations: Lt. Col. Pete Glick
Assistant Director of Operations: Maj. Kirk Dehn
Maintenance Officer: Lt. Col. Pete Glick
Assistant Maintenance Officer: 1st Lt Stevan Dunkin
Assistant Maintenance Officer: Col. James Haldy
Standardization/Evaluation Officer: Capt Frank Brannon
Assistant Stand/Eval Officer: Col. Robert Kirkwood
Assistant Stand/Eval Officer: Col Bobby Picker
Homeland Security Officer: Col. Mike Vorachek
Disaster Relief Officer: Col. Mike Vorachek
Counterdrug Officer: Maj. Jeff Heins


Director of Emergency Services: Capt. Randy McLain
Assistant Director of Emergency Services: Capt. Gayland Edwards
Emergency Services Training Officer: Capt. Michael D Akers
Counterdrug Officer: Maj. Jeffery Heins
Disaster Relief Officer: Col. Mike Vorachek


Director of Recruiting and Retention:  Lt. Col Ryan Navin
Plans and Programs Officer: Vacant 
Director of Finance: Col. Merle Starr

Director of Professional Development: 1st Lt. Gary Bough 
Information Technology Officer: Capt. Matthew Benoit-LaFleur
Public Affairs Officer: 2nd Lt. Stephanie Payton

Director of Development: Capt. Don Morgan, Sr.
Testing Officer: Capt. Gary Bough 
Director of Administration: 2nd Lt. Sherry Ochoa
Personnel Officer: 2nd Lt. Sherry Ochoa
Historian: Vacant
Idaho Wing Administrator: Andrea Andrews


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