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Idaho Wing Glider Camp

Idaho Wing Cadet Glider Camp



June 1, 2024 - October 5, 2024



Driggs Airport (253 Warbird Ln. Driggs, ID 83422)


Min. Age: 








About the Activity

Glider Orientation Flights - What you need to know

The cadet orientation flight program shares with cadets the thrill of flying. Every CAP cadet under age 18 is eligible for five flights.


The Majesty of Soaring

Flying a sailplane is probably the closest thing any human will come to feeling like a bird. Powered only by gravity and air currents, these gliders move silently through the sky, often for hours at a time. Because they have no engines, gliders or sailplanes can be thought of as pure flying vehicles, staying aloft by balancing the forces of gravity, lift, and drag.


Flight Locations

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho


What to expect:

Glider Flights are conducted in two 6 flight groups. 6 cadets in the AM and another 6 Cadets in the PM. Squadrons can schedule for either AM or PM or both periods. All cadets and senior members will be actively engaged during their period in launching, recovering and timekeeping for the gliders. After an initial safety briefing we immediately begin conducting flights and will continue flights until the next squadron arrives or all of your cadets have received their flights. Flights will be conducted in accordance with the appropriate cadet glider flight syllabus in CAP-P 60-40 Oct 2018. Orientation flights normally last between 12 and 18 minutes each depending upon the weather but when soaring conditions are excellent they can last much longer.



If for some reason flight operations have to be canceled an email will be sent out the night before around 7:00 PM to the squadron OIC, advising the reason for the cancellation. Weather, Aircraft maintenance and personnel availability could all conspire to cancel operations. We will do everything possible to plan for and work around these issues but there are some situations beyond our control. Squadrons are able to request another date and will be waitlisted if that date is full.


Cadet Rosters:

Squadrons who request Glider Orientation Flight Slots will need to send a Cadet Roster Spreadsheet specific to your reserved date. If you determine that you cannot fill the slots reserved please let our scheduler, Captain Chris Clarke ( know as soon as possible so that other squadrons can get a chance to reserve those unfilled slots. Squadrons who did not complete their rosters by 2 weeks prior to the glider event will lose those reservations and the unfilled slots will be offered to other squadrons. Please ensure that you include the OIC and Chaperone information.


Specific Dates:




June 3-9

Seniors Camp

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho

June 22-23

Cadet O Rides

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho

July 5-14

Glider NFA

Wendover, Utah

July 20-21

Cadet O Rides

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho

August 1-12

Glider Camp

Ephrata, Washington

August 24-25 

Cadet O Rides

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho

September 8-9

Cadet O Rides

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho

October 6-7

Cadet O Rides

Driggs Airport (KDIJ) Driggs, Idaho


Activity Director

Captain Chris Clarke


(c)  201-250-0260


Eligibility Requirements


  • Have completed Cadet Protection and show credit in eServices if over 18 years old. 

  • Online Safety Education in eServices MUST BE CURRENT (New members must be registered with eServices and complete the “Operations Security” OPSEC course when they first log in. Then the “Introduction to CAP Safety” course must be completed) Contact your Element Leader for more information.

  • Aircraft Ground Handling Course (Login to eServices and you can find the Aircraft Handling Course in AXIS. Watch the video, complete the quiz, and save the certificate. Must be renewed every 2 years)

  • Wing Runner Course (Cadets will assist on the airfield with tow rope retrieval, positioning, and movement of the glider, wing running for glider pilot, etc.)

  • Read the applicable Glider Flight Syllabus in CAP Pamphlet 60-40 (Bring a copy of this with you)


  • Optional: Take the Blanik L-23 Cockpit Familiarization Course at under CAP University at Online Courses & Exams.


How to Apply

To Register For This Glider Camp Email Captain Chris Clarke or call 201-250-0260


Required Forms:

CAPF 60-80: Activity/Parent Permission Slip

CAPF 60-81: Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity (required if the activity is out of your state)

CAPF 161: Member Emergency Information (This should always be in a Ziploc plastic bag in your ABU pant pocket)


Packing List


In the summer months, cadets should wear the CAP PT uniform with a baseball cap (no button on the top of the cap) or bucket hat. In colder months, BDU/ABU (Do not forget your cover) field jackets and gloves are required. Yellow-lime and/or orange safety vests. Shoes are tennis shoes/sneakers - NO BOOTS


What to bring

  • CAPID (New members may print a temporary card from eServices)

  • CAPF 161

  • CAPF 60-80 or CAPF 60-81

  • Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Gum – to clear ears

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Water (IMPORTANT)

  • Camera, if desired

  • Yellow-lime or Orange safety vest (IMPORTANT)

  • Homework/something to read for when not flying or working ground ops 

  • Canopy (for sunscreen) and Folding chairs



Members are responsible for transportation to and from activity locations. 


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